General FAQs

One Block Meal is equivalent to one meal swipe into the Wood Dining Commons or Mule Express.

Meals can be used in the Wood Dining Commons and the Mule Express. Dining Dollars and 'Berg Bucks are accepted at all of our locations.

Dining Dollars are included in several meal plans and can only be used in dining venues. 'Berg Bucks are not included in any meal plan, however, accounts can be opened at any time. 'Berg Bucks can be spent at any on campus dining venue, toward Muhlenberg Dining catering orders, in the 'Berg Bookshop and at campus laundry equipment located in major residence halls.

You can add money to your 'Berg Bucks account. Please contact the Business Office at (484) 664-3150 for assistance.

Continuous Dining is available in the Wood Dining Commons so that our guests can enjoy a meal in between lunch and dinner as well as throughout the weekends.

College Departments and recognized Student Clubs and Organizations are welcome to advertise campus events using napkin inserts at the Wood Dining Commons or General's Quarters. Sponsoring organizations are responsible for the printing and placement of the inserts. Napkin inserts may be placed up to two weeks prior to the event and must be removed within 24 hours after the event. To avoid peak meal periods, napkin inserts should be placed between 7:00am - 10:00am or 2:00pm - 5:00pm. Existing napkin inserts may not be covered unless they are outdated.

Dimensions for napkin inserts should not exceed 6.5" x 4.25".

Please plan to post at only 1/3 of the tables to accommodate other postings.

Approximate quantities of napkin inserts:
Wood Dining Commons: 40
General's Quarters: 12

Please contact our Marketing Manager, Erin Foertsch, at for any additional questions.

Please read our fundraising policy in Section D, Page 3 of the Muhlenberg Dining Venues Policy. Then, please complete and submit the Muhlenberg Dining Fundraising Request Form to

Berg Bucks FAQs

‘Berg Bucks is the name of the declining balance account previously known as Flex Dollars.

You can deposit 'Berg Bucks online! 

  1. Follow the link here.
  2. Parents: click "Make a guest deposit." Parents do not need to sign in.
  3. Enter your students' Muhlenberg ID number.
  4. Follow the prompts.

You can also mail a check payable to “MC ‘BERG BUCKS” to the Business Office. View the Business Office site.

‘Berg Bucks is not part of meal plans, but offers an opportunity to customize plans offering additional buying power to meet your needs.

Berg Bucks:

  • Are not part of any meal plans.
  • May be used at on campus dining venues, the ‘Berg Bookshop, on campus laundry machines in major residence halls.
  • Unspent funds roll from semester to semester and year to year. Unspent funds ($25.00 or greater) will be refunded to the student.
  • Funds can be added at any time.

Dining Dollars:

  • Are exclusive to Platinum, Gold, Silver, Bronze and Cardinal meal plans.
  • May only be used at on campus dining venues.
  • Unspent funds roll from semester to semester but are forfeited at the conclusion of the Spring semester.
  • Additional funds may not be added.

Declining balance means with every transaction the amount available in the account declines; similar to a pre-paid gift card.

Transactions will be denied if sufficient funds are unavailable to cover a purchase. You can add 'Berg Bucks at any time online here.

You may tell the vendor to apply $X.XX using your ‘BERG BUCKS and pay the balance with another form of payment.

Cash withdrawals or cash back above the amount of sale are NOT an option.

You can check online! Login to your OneLogin account and click "dining account balance." This will show you your meal plan balance as well as your Berg Bucks balance. 

You can deposit 'Berg Bucks online! 

  1. Follow the link here.
  2. Parents: click "Make a guest deposit." Parents do not need to sign in.
  3. Enter your students' Muhlenberg ID number.
  4. Follow the prompts.

Cardholders can also visit the Cashier Window through the Business Office located in the lower level of the Haas College Center or mail a check to the Business Office made payable to “MC ‘BERG BUCKS”.

Employees of the college should follow these instructions to add funds to their berg bucks account.

The ‘Berg Bucks fund balance transfers from year to year and ends at graduation. Students are encouraged to keep minimal balances in their ‘Berg Bucks account. After graduation, accounts with remaining ‘Berg Bucks funds in excess of $25.00, will be refunded to the student. Accounts with $25.00 and less will be transferred to the Class Year Fund.

The minimum deposit is $25.00. You may start with a minimum deposit in the ‘Berg Bucks account and review the activity to estimate usage. Additional deposits may be made throughout the year.

For questions related to on-campus dining contact Muhlenberg Dining at: or (484) 664-4047

For questions concerning ‘Berg Bucks accounts (opening an account, balance information, adding funds, etc.) contact the Business Office at: or (484) 664-3150.