2024-25 Meal Plans

Muhlenberg’s dining program offers variety, convenience and flexibility to students living on and off campus. Campus meal plans are designed to fit the lifestyles of Muhlenberg students!

There are many different meal plan options to fit your lifestyle! Choose from a Platinum, Gold, Silver, Bronze, Traditional, or Cardinal Membership. 

Platinum Membership: $3,318.00 per semester

  • Do you tend to eat more than three meals daily? 
  • Want to know you'll never miss a meal? 
  • Unlimited Swipes + $300 Dining Dollars 
  • Unlimited Swipes can be used in the Wood Dining Commons. 
  • 10 Guest Meals are included.

Gold Membership: $3,110.00 per semester

  • Do your meals double as social time? 
  • Do you crave sushi or a sub several times a week? 
  • 210 Swipes + $400 Dining Dollars 

Silver Membership: $2,885.00 per semester

  • Do you live on campus? 
  • Do you eat most of your meals on campus? 
  • Are you a constant snacker? 
  • 175 Swipes + $350 Dining Dollars 

Bronze Membership: $2,612.00 per semester

  • Do you eat a meal a day on campus? 
  • Need that morning coffee or afternoon burst of energy? 
  • Are you a snacker? 
  • 150 Swipes + $300 Dining Dollars

Traditional Membership: $2,885.00 per semester

  • Do you eat every meal in the Wood Dining Commons? 
  • Do you typically eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner? 
  • 19 Meals Per Week 
  • Meals do not roll over from week to week 

Cardinal Membership: $858.00 per semester

  • Do you live off campus? 
  • Do you grab a snack in between classes? 
  • Need that morning coffee? 
  • 70 Swipes + $50 Dining Dollars