2022-23 Meal Plans

Muhlenberg’s dining program offers variety, convenience and flexibility to students living on and off campus. Campus meal plans are designed to fit the lifestyles of Muhlenberg students!

  • Which Meal Plans are you eligible for based on housing? Find out here: Meal Plan Eligibility Policy 
  • Feel free to visit the dining team at our offices in Seegers Union or call us at (484) 664-3488.
  • For the fall 2022 semester, you have from the middle of July until September 9, 2022 to change your meal plan. You may also choose a different meal plan for the spring 2023 semester. Find out how to change your meal plan here.

There are many different meal plan options to fit your lifestyle! Choose from a Platinum, Gold, Silver, Bronze, Traditional, or Cardinal Membership. 

Platinum Membership: $3,065.00 per semester

  • Do you tend to eat more than three meals daily? 
  • Want to know you'll never miss a meal? 
  • Unlimited Swipes + $300 Dining Dollars 
  • Unlimited Swipes can be used in the Wood Dining Commons. 
  • 10 Guest Meals are included.

Gold Membership: $2,995.00 per semester

  • Do your meals double as social time? 
  • Do you crave sushi or a sub several times a week? 
  • 210 Swipes + $400 Dining Dollars 

Silver Membership: $2,665.00 per semester

  • Do you live on campus? 
  • Do you eat most of your meals on campus? 
  • Are you a constant snacker? 
  • 175 Swipes + $350 Dining Dollars 

Bronze Membership: $2,412.50 per semester

  • Do you eat a meal a day on campus? 
  • Need that morning coffee or afternoon burst of energy? 
  • Are you a snacker? 
  • 150 Swipes + $300 Dining Dollars

Traditional Membership: $2,665.00 per semester

  • Do you eat every meal in the Wood Dining Commons? 
  • Do you typically eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner? 
  • 19 Meals Per Week 
  • Meals do not roll over from week to week 

Cardinal Membership: $792.50 per semester

  • Do you live off campus? 
  • Do you grab a snack in between classes? 
  • Need that morning coffee? 
  • 70 Swipes + $50 Dining Dollars