All About Food

At Muhlenberg, we talk the talk and walk the walk. All of our food is served at the peak of freshness with our menus based on the seasonality and availability of fresh, locally grown products. We only partner with sustainability minded, ethical vendors. 

farmers-market-250x150.jpgFarmers Market Fall 2019 

Muhlenberg College hosts a Farmers Market on the College Green every semester. The market is organized by Muhlenberg College’s Environmental Action Team (EnAcT) and sponsored by Muhlenberg Dining. 

Farms from the Lehigh Valley (such as BAD Farms, Bleilers Produce Patch, Crooked Row Farm, Knee High Farm, Red Cat Farm, Ridge Valley Farm, and Schocarie Ridge Apiary) visit campus, offering a variety of products and produce including honey, tea, maple syrup, smoothies, kombucha, vegetables and more. 

EnAcT organizes the market in order to support local farmers, as well as to educate the Muhlenberg Community on the importance of eating locally. 

Food To Your Table 

Each day our team strives to "wow" our customers and continually challenges itself to set the bar higher. Our culinary team routinely delivers restaurant-quality food that features fresh, local, healthy ingredients. What is "normal" here is out of the ordinary at other colleges and universities.

Our goal is to create exceptional dining experiences through creative and cultural menu planning, expert food preparation and innovative presentation. As you to dine with us there are a few things we’d like to share with you (in addition to many more highlights)... 

  • Our Soups are made from scratch each day 
  • Butter Valley Harvest, located 15 miles away, is our exclusive provider of hydroponically grown Basil for our house-made Pesto 
  • We have a partnership with Lancaster Farm Fresh Cooperative to procure local and organic produce from more than 80 farms 
  • Our partnership with Common Market of Philadelphia allows us to access local and organic produce and meats from the surrounding area 
  • Our Pizza Dough is made fresh every day using organic flour from Lancaster County, PA 
  • Our Hamburgers are made from fresh, never frozen Ground Beef 
  • Our Pancake Batter is scratch-made with local, organic Whole Wheat Flour 
  • We offer fresh-ground Peanut Butter made every day with our Peanut Butter machine 
  • Each Wednesday, we feature house-made, organic Whole-Wheat Pasta 
  • We serve sustainably raised Jail Island Salmon on a regular basis 
  • Our Granola is made fresh in-house every day