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What Have We Got In Store For Dining Services?

Generals Carvery: February 20, 2019

Generals Carvery is an event once a month where we have a table set up outside the GQ that serves slow-smoked meats made by our very own operations manager, Peter Stark.  Peter slow smokes the meats for several hours prior to the event.  Last month, there was a slow-smoked beef with house-made coleslaw. This month, on February 20th, we have a slow-smoked pulled pork.  In the upcoming months, we have smoked corned beef on March 14th and smoked turkey on April 17th.

Battle of the Chefs: February 20, 2019

Battle of the chefs is one of the highlights of the year!  Five colleges from the Lehigh Valley come together and compete to be named the best chefs in the Valley.  This year's theme is a literary feast! Each school competing will choose a book and come up with some foods based on their chosen book.  It is then up to the students and faculty to decide who is the best! This event will be held on February 20th during dinner in The Wood Dining Commons.

Southern Smash: February 26, 2019

Southern Smash is back this year!  This event is known around the world and works towards positive body image. This event, being held on February 26th, allows students to write positive things about themselves and then smash a scale.  By smashing a scale, students are literally smashing the item that may be weighing them down and gaining confidence in themselves.

The Mobile Mule:February 26, 2019

The Mobile Mule, recently upgraded, is Muhlenberg Dining Services on wheels!   With a new logo painted on the side, the Mobile Mule is looking fresher than ever.  Once or twice a month, the Mobile Mule picks a time during the day and serves food or beverages.  For example, recently they had a late night breakfast bowl event where they served breakfast bowls at 11PM.  Some upcoming dates for the Mobile Mule are February 26th, March 22nd, April 3rd, April 16th and May 3rd!

Pi Day: March 14, 2019

Pi day is a national celebration of the mathematical constant π.  On March 14th, The Wood Dining Commons will have an assortment of house-made pies to celebrate this day!  Last year there were delicious flavors including chocolate peanut butter pies!

Farmer’s Market: April 26, 2019

The farmer’s market is the best time to stock up on some fresh local foods!   As of now, there are 7 vendors attending, which means a ton of products including; vegetables, baked goods, honey, kombucha, lip balm and many more!   Come join us on April 26th on the main lawn from 10:30AM- 3:30PM for a day of yummy treats and products.


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