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All About Food

At Muhlenberg, we talk the talk and walk the walk. All of our food is served at the peak of freshness with our menus based on the seasonality and availability of fresh, locally grown products. We only partner with sustainability minded, ethical vendors.

LFFC LogoLancaster Farm Fresh Cooperative

In Summer 2013, we embarked on a mission to further expand our procurement of local produce. Thanks to the tireless efforts of several individuals, led by Muhlenberg’s Executive Chefs, a new partnership was born with Lancaster Farm Fresh Cooperative.

LFFC is a non-profit, organic farmers' cooperative of 75 farmers in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania (approximately 70 miles from Muhlenberg). Each week LFFC delivers a fresh bounty of produce, most of which is picked the day prior to delivery.

Local Sourcing

Are you curious as to where your food is coming from? Check out our interactive map that highlights our local farms, bakeries, apiaries and distributors.  



BVH Butter Valley Harvest Hydroponically Grown Basil


Located in Bally, PA, just 15 miles from Muhlenberg College, Butter Valley Harvest is our exclusive provider of fresh, hydroponically grown basil. In August 2013, our culinary team visited the farm to learn more about the basil growing process. For an inside look at Butter Valley Harvest, please check out the video below.

seafoodMonterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch Guidelines

Muhlenberg Dining is committed supporting the Seafood Watch guidelines outlined by the Monteray Bay Aquarium. The Seafood Watch program “helps consumers and businesses make choices for healthy oceans.” Following their guidelines, we are helping to make an impact on our future and our customers’ future.

fairtradeFair Trade Coffee

We only offer Fair Trade certified coffee on campus. Whether you’re grabbing a quick pick-me-up at Java Joe or enjoying an after-dinner cup of coffee at a catered event, all of our brands (Starbucks, Seattle’s Best and Green Mountain) meet agreed environmental, labor and developmental standards set forth by Fair Trade USA.

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