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Chef at BVH



We believe in enriching the quality of life for Muhlenberg by connecting with the traditions of local agriculture. We support local farms and educate our clients and customers on the benefits of nutritionally dense food that is good for both us and the environment. Our commitment is to serve fresh-prepared food in an honest and friendly manner.

  • All food is served at the peak of freshness
  • Menus are based on the seasonality and availability of fresh, locally grown products
  • Local, fresh herb gardens supply our kitchens, wherever possible
  • Butter Valley Harvest (Bally, PA, 15 miles from campus) is our exclusive provider of Hydroponically grown Basil
  • Ethically grown fair trade coffees are served daily
  • Milk is free of antibiotics and artificial bovine growth hormones
  • We support the Seafood Watch Guide outlined by the Monteray Bay Aquarium


local vendors                                                                                                    LFFC

Muhlenberg Dining partners with as many local vendors as possible. Whether it's fresh, organic produce from Lancaster County or Whole Wheat, Organic Pitas from Soumaya & Sons in Whitehall, PA, we strive to offer as many local offerings as possible. Please, check out the map to see where our food comes from!



butter valley harvest                             BVHHydroponically grown basil 

Located in Bally, PA, just 15 miles from Muhlenberg College, Butter Valley Harvest is our exclusive provider of fresh, hydroponically grown basil. In August 2013, our culinary team visited the farm to learn more about the basil and growing process. For an inside look at Butter Valley Harvest, please check out the video below.




in the news                                                      WFMZ Coverage

When Muhlenberg College celebrated Earth Day in 2012, the all-day event intrigued the local media, WFMZ-69 to be specific. Reporter Melanie Falcon came to campus to cover the celebration and the many greening initiatives at Muhlenberg College.

To check out WFMZ's coverage please click here!


'berg to go

In Fall 2012, Muhlenberg Dining embarked on a mission to reduce the amount of waste being created by disposable To-Go containers in the Wood Dining Commons. After trial periods, conducting focus groups and collecting feedback, we are excited to fully implement the program beginning in Fall 2013.

The goal of 'Berg To Go is to reduce waste at Muhlenberg College. Because of the popularity of the To Go Program in the Wood Dining Commons, more than 600 disposable containers are thrown away each day! Through a great amount of research, we are continuing to develop our 'Berg To Go Program.

We appreciate your participation and together, we can make a positive impact on our future!


                                                                 How To Berg To Go



think before you tray

When the Wood Dining Commons opened in Fall 2010, Muhlenberg Dining introduced an initiative to steadily decrease the usage of trays in an effort to reduce water usage. Since its inception, Think Before You Tray has resulted in decreasing the amount of tray available in the Food Gallery to 300.




weigh the waste

The Weigh the Waste (WTW) program is an educational opportunity to raise awareness of food waste over a specific course of time by weighing post-consumer food waste. Muhlenberg Dining staff is responsible for tracking and documenting uneaten food in the Wood Dining Commons during a specific time frame and shares the information with its guests in an effort to reduce waste and improve portion control. The program is scheduled for Fall 2013 where we hope to improve on our results from last year.

Please view the results for the Fall 2012 and Spring 2013 semesters below.

WTW Fall 2012 - Spring 2013


Social Responsibility

Being a responsible corporate citizen is at the core of Sodexo's business. We set the benchmark in areas such as sustainability, diversity and inclusion, wellness and the fight against hunger. At Muhlenberg Dining we are working to implement additional sustainable business practices. Following is an example of a few sustainable practices:

  • Offering Fair Trade Coffee or Organic Coffee at all dining locations.
  • We are styrofoam free!
  • Buying locally
  • Refilling your reusable mug for soft drinks or coffee... Did you know refills are only $0.99 for a Reusable mug at Java Joe and the LSC Cafe?
  • Recycling
  • Napkin Holders- We have replaced all "bulk dispensing" napkin holders with single sheet dispensers. The napkins we are now using are 100% recycled content.
  • Using Green Cleaning Products including dish detergent.

Sodexo and Muhlenberg Dining is committed to improving the quality of daily life for people, whenever and wherever they come together. To that end, Sodexo was one of the first contract food service companies to partner with Food Alliance. This non-profit organization promotes sustainable agriculture by recognizing and rewarding farmers who produce food in environmentally friendly and socially responsible ways.

Together, Sodexo and Food Alliance take responsibility for educating our customers and others in the food system about the benefits of sustainable agriculture. Every day, we make choices in the ingredients we buy and the food we eat. This directly impacts our lives- not just what we eat, but the water we drink, the air we breathe and the health of our communities. Our Food Alliance guiding principles are:

  • Protecting and conserving water resources
  • Protecting and enhancing soil resources
  • Conserving and recycling nutrients
  • Reducing the environmental and health impacts of pesticides by practicing Integrated Pest Management (IPM)
  • Conserving and enhancing wildlife habitat
  • Providing safe and fair working conditions for our employees and our families
  • Producing Food Alliance certified crops without the use of genetically modified organisms (GMO's)
  • Providing healthy and humane care for livestock
  • Continually improving farming/ranching practices
Click here to learn more about Muhlenberg's commitment to Sustainability.

Click here to learn more about Sodexo's commitment to sustainable food service.

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